July 1, 2021

For Immediate Release

Ann Slotwinski

Executive Director, The Cerrado Group


NATIONAL – The Cerrado Group is pleased to announce its second new member firm since its launch on March 1, 2021. Effective July 1, 2021, Nexus Administrators, Inc. is joining the group.  Fresno California-based Nexus is one of the largest retirement plan administrators in Central California and among the largest in the state. With a history that goes back more than 30 years, the well-respected firm represents the type of membership the Cerrado Group seeks out.

Nexus CEO and recognized industry veteran Tom Tsaris, says “We at Nexus are absolutely thrilled to be a member of The Cerrado Group because the core principles of experience, expertise, collaboration, community involvement and philanthropy that embody the essence of The Cerrado Group mission have also been the driving forces behind Nexus Administrators’ growth over the last three decades. Partnering with The Cerrado Group members to enhance our position within our profession, increasing the awareness to others of the value TPAs bring to the retirement plan space, formulating ongoing influence amongst our industry partners and creating new tools to benefit the retirement experience for all can best be accomplished via the collaboration inherent with The Cerrado Group involvement.”

“We are so pleased to add Nexus as another quality firm to our membership. Tom is a well-known and respected member of our industry and with their vast experience in the marketplace offering solutions as well as top-notch administration, they were a perfect addition to our group. As a growing entity, they contribute a wealth of knowledge and diversity to the entire industry and will be a valuable asset to our goals of educating our industry for the betterment of all,” said founding member and industry veteran Trina Gross, CEO of Nashville based Acuff & Associates.

The addition of Nexus brings the Cerrado Group membership to 11 firms representing the absolute best that the industry has to offer both from a service and industry wide knowledge base point of view. These firms have a footprint that covers more than 75% of the nation and service retirement plans of all types that total more $26 billion in assets under management. The Cerrado Group continues to grow organically as new member firm applicants are identified and vetted for inclusion. Already making an impact on the industry, members have been invited to speak at industry events, sales meetings, educational forums, and industry webinars, sharing their knowledge and expertise with other firms, advisors and employers.

About the Cerrado Group:

The Cerrado Group was founded by Nine of the nation’s preeminent Third Party Administrator (TPA) consulting firms, this member only, 501(c)(6) Trade Association was established to offer an entirely new approach to the highly-specialized work of retirement plan design, reporting, compliance, administration, and industry education. The Cerrado Group members, while remaining independent regional operators, actively combine their vast resources to fully serve the retirement plan industry at large.



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Ann Slotwinski, Executive Director of The Cerrado Group