July 1, 2022

For Immediate Release

Ann Slotwinski

Executive Director, The Cerrado Group


NATIONAL – The Cerrado Group is pleased to announce its 5th new member firm since its launch on March 1, 2021. Effective July 1, 2022, MAP Retirement is joining the group.  Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Appleton Wisconsin, MAP Retirement is one of the largest independent retirement plan consulting firms in the region.

Bob Carroll, Managing Partner, MAP Retirement says “we decided to partner with and join the Cerrado Group because of the current Cerrado members and one of our Partners prior experiences with the group.  Their broad reach, deep knowledge and varied experience is unparalleled in the industry.  The possibility to network with, learn from, and partner with some of the best TPAs in the country is an opportunity MAP could not pass up.  The members of the Cerrado group have a clear vision of the future of our business. Cerrado members will not only thrive in the future, Cerrado members will create it.

Echoing that excitement is Joe Burt, President, Pension Plan Specialists PC and Founding Member of The Cerrado Group, “MAP Retirement is made up of true professionals focused on thinking differently when it comes to affecting change within the Retirement Plan Industry. They are a unique addition to The Cerrado Group due to the tremendous experience and knowledge developed as leaders within some of the major record-keeping companies. They have been on the cutting edge of implementing new ideas using technology to strengthen their TPA practice and create greater efficiencies we will all benefit from. They recently acquired one of the original founding members of the Cerrado Group. So, in addition to the original MAP Retirement leadership, we are elated to have Bob Chin and Sharon Dong back with us again.”

The addition of MAP Retirement brings the Cerrado Group membership to 13 firms representing the absolute best that the industry has to offer both from a service and industry wide knowledge base point of view. These firms have a footprint that covers more than 85% of the nation and service retirement plans of all types that total more $43 billion in assets under management in over 22,000 plans and serving more than 720,000 participants. The Cerrado Group continues to grow organically as new member firm applicants are identified and vetted for inclusion. Making a continuing impact on the industry, members can be seen speaking at industry events, sales meetings, educational forums, and industry webinars, sharing their knowledge and expertise with other firms, advisors, and employers.

About the Cerrado Group:

The Cerrado Group was founded by Nine of the nation’s preeminent Third Party Administrator (TPA) consulting firms, this member only, 501(c)(6) Trade Association was established to offer an entirely new approach to the highly-specialized work of retirement plan design, reporting, compliance, administration, and industry education. The Cerrado Group members, while remaining independent regional operators, actively combine their vast resources to fully serve the retirement plan industry at large.


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Ann Slotwinski, Executive Director of The Cerrado Group